Section 1: Questions and activities

1a. Finding Out About the Past

  • How do you know about what happened in your family before you were born?
  • How do we know how people lived long ago?
  • How did Makereti know what life was like for iwi before she was born?

Ask an adult to tell you about something that happened when they were a child. Write or tell their story.

1b. Law and Rules

What are some of the rules we have:

  • at home
  • at school
  • for the whole country
  • when we go out to different places, and
  • when we are with different people?

Why do we have rules?

  • What would happen if there were no rules?
  • Make a chart showing family or school rules.
  • How do we make social rules? Who makes them?
  • If you think a rule or law is bad, what can you do about it?
  • How do you decide if a rule is good or bad? Think about who the rule is good or bad for.
  • What happens when we disobey rules?

1c. Similarities and Differences

  • Think about and discuss all the ways that your life might be similar to that of a child living in Aotearoa before Pakeha settlers arrived.
  • Discuss the ways that your life is different from that of a Māori child before the Pakeha settlers arrived.
  • Make two lists, one for things that are the same and one for things that are different.
  • Compare the lists.

1d. Place Names

  • Think of Māori place names in your area.
  • Find out why those names were given. Use a Māori dictionary (if you need to) or talk to a kuia or kaumatua.
  • Think of some non-Māori place names in your area.
  • Find out why those names were given.
  • Discuss the differences between the way Māori and non-Māori name places.
  • Discuss why Māori and non-Māori have named places differently.

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