Media applications

The Tribunal allows the media to record and broadcast proceedings for normal news and current-affairs programmes and articles as long as the presiding officer has given approval before any recording is made.

Please submit a request for approval using the attached application form:

Waitangi Tribunal Application form for Media Coverage [PDF, 355 KB]

This request must be made at least one working day before the recording date. It should be submitted either through the registrar or through the Tribunal staff in attendance at the proceedings.

  • The request must sufficiently detail the purpose and extent of the proposed recording.
  • The recording must comply with all relevant Tribunal directions, including any directions that limit the use of, and access to, particular evidence or submissions.
  • The recording must be carried out in such a way that it does not interfere with the conduct of the proceedings, the confidentiality of discussions amongst Tribunal members and Tribunal staff, or the confidentiality of counsel’s discussions with each other and with clients and witnesses.
  • The recording must be used in a way that gives an accurate, impartial, and balanced coverage of the proceedings and the parties and other persons involved.
  • Witnesses may object to having their image or their testimony, or both, recorded. If necessary, the objection will be determined by the presiding officer.
  • The live broadcasting of proceedings is not generally permitted.

Guide to Practice and Procedure [PDF, 662 KB]

For all other media inquiries

Please contact the media team for all other media inquiries(external link)

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