Historical claims

Historical claims are those that that relate to matters that occurred before 21 September 1992. Since 1 September 2008 no new historical claims are able to be filed.

Most historical claims have been addressed in district inquiries.

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Remaining Historical Claims

The Tribunal has a number of historical claims that have not been heard in the already completed district inquiries. In September 2015 the Waitangi Tribunal’s chairperson, Chief Judge Wilson Isaac, issued a memorandum outlining a process for the Tribunal’s consideration of claims with historical grievances that have not yet been fully inquired into or settled, and which are not in (or about to be in) negotiation for a Treaty settlement.

Read the memorandum concerning remaining historical claims [PDF, 642 KB]

Judge Carrie Wainwright is leading the review of claims to assess which of them may qualify for inclusion in the remaining historical claims programme. Claims are being assessed on a district by district basis. In 2016 a hui was convened for claimants who may have remaining historical claims that arise in the North-Eastern Bay of Plenty area. The hui was held on 25 June 2016 in Ōpōtiki to hear their views on whether or how they wish the Tribunal to consider their claims.

Read the update memorandum concerning remaining historical claims [PDF, 2.8 MB]

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