Health Services and Outcomes Inquiry

The Tribunal’s kaupapa inquiry programme is designed to provide a pathway to hear nationally significant claim issues that affect Māori as a whole or a section of Māori in similar ways.


Wai 2575 - the Health Services and Outcomes Inquiry will hear all claims concerning grievances relating to health services and outcomes and which are of national significance. There are currently around 140 claims seeking to participate in the inquiry. The Tribunal will hear claimants who clearly specify eligible health-related grievances in their statements of claim and notify their intention to participate in the inquiry.

The Chairperson commenced the inquiry on 30 November 2016, and has outlined what the inquiry will cover, some of the issues raised by claims and provides information on what claims may participate in the inquiry.

Memorandum-Directions of the Chairperson Commencing the Inquiry(external link)

Panel members

The Wai 2575 Tribunal panel consists of:

Inquiry progress

The Health Services and Outcomes Kaupapa Inquiry is currently in the planning stages. On 21 December 2016 the Presiding officer asked the Crown, claimants and counsel for 100 claims containing issues relevant to the inquiry to indicate whether they wished to participate in the inquiry and to what their key issues were. They were also asked to give their views on whether there were priority issues, research available and needed and what inquiry process should be followed.

These submissions were received and a judicial conference was held at Pipitea Marae, Wellington on 11 and 12 May 2017 to discuss these issues further. In a post-judicial conference direction the Presiding Officer has directed the parties to hold roundtable discussions for 3 months (until the end of August 2017) to further refine the scope, priorities and inquiry plan for the inquiry. Parties are due to report back to the Tribunal on these discussions on 4 September 2017. In the meantime other claimants may seek to participate in the inquiry by amending existing statements of claim or filing new contemporary claims (covering acts and omissions of the Crown since 21 September 1992).

Memorandum-Directions of Judge Clark, 26 May 2017(external link)

Media statements

Below is a media statement relating to the Health Services and Outcomes Inquiry - dated 2 June 2017.

Health Services and Outcomes Inquiry media release [PDF, 578 KB]

Inquiry staff

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