Kaupapa inquiries

Kaupapa (thematic) inquiries are not specific to any district. They deal with nationally significant issues affecting Māori as a whole.

A memorandum concerning the Kaupapa Inquiry Programme was issued in 2015 by the Waitangi Tribunal’s Chairperson, Chief Judge Wilson Isaac. The kaupapa inquiries topics are:

  • Military Veterans
  • Constitution, self government and electoral system
  • Health services and outcomes
  • Mana Wahine and Mana Tane
  • Education services and outcomes
  • Identity and culture
  • Natural resources and environmental management
  • Social services, social development and housing
  • Economic development
  • Justice system
  • Citizenship rights and equality

Read the memorandum about the Kaupapa Inquiry Programme [PDF, 476 KB]

The following Kaupapa inquiries are currently at the preparation stage:

Military Veterans Inquiry (Wai 2500)

Health Services and Outcomes Inquiry (Wai 2575)

A number of Kaupapa claims have already been heard:

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