Final filing date set for seeking to participate in the Wai 2500 inquiry

Inquiry under the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975 concerning Military Veterans Claims (Wai 2500)

NOTICE is hereby given that the Waitangi Tribunal has set a final filing date for the filing of new claims and amended claims seeking to participate in Wai 2500 – Military Veterans Kaupapa Inquiry.

Date: Friday 23 September 2016
Deadline: 12:00pm

To: The Registrar,
Waitangi Tribunal Unit
Level 7, 141 The Terrace,
DX SX 11237

What is Wai 2500 Military Veterans Kaupapa Inquiry?

A Kaupapa Inquiry constitutes the hearing of claims concerning a nationally significant issue that affects Maori as a whole or a section of Maori across Aotearoa/New Zealand in similar ways.

The Military Veterans Kaupapa Inquiry will hear all claims involving past military service undertaken directly for or on behalf of the Crown in right of New Zealand, or in earlier colonial times, for or on behalf of the imperial Crown in New Zealand. This will extend to all types of military service, whether in times of war or peace, and whether at home or abroad. It will include the military service itself and the rehabilitation and remediation of service-related impacts on ex-servicemen and women and their whanau.

The inquiry commenced in December 2014 and has since held five oral evidence hearings in Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Whakatane, Northland and Christchurch to hear from veterans and their whanau. A final oral evidence hearing is set to be held in Waiouru from 26-28 October 2016. On Thursday 1 September 2016, Chief Judge Isaac, Presiding Officer for Wai 2500, issued memorandum-directions (#2.5.44) advising parties of the final filing dates for new and amended claims seeking to participate in this inquiry.

Memorandum-directions on claims seeking to participate (Wai 2500, #2.5.44) (external link)

How do I find more information?

Further information can be obtained from:

Jenna-Faith Allan
Analyst Inquiry Facilitator for Wai 2500
Waitangi Tribunal Unit
Ph:(04) 914 3004

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